Empathy Driven Funding

Music Securities, Inc., as a financial institution registered with the Financial Services Agency of Japan, aims to provide new value to the society and create new financing schemes to satisfy financing needs that traditional financial institutions could not approach. Also, we challenge to realize independent creative activities, research and development, local economy vitalization, poverty reduction, and recovery from the earthquake damage.

As our company name represents, we started with the music business.
We grew by signing great artists, gathering appropriate investors, creating top quality music, and delivering it to the listeners.

Investment on music can be achieved by not only applying schemes of financial engineering but also understanding the artists' feelings.
Our style is to understand the messages that the artists wish to convey from their passion for music, philosophy of life expressed through the lyrics, and the cultures of their hometown. We do business together with them and gather investors who feel empathy for them.

This is not just limited to music, but also our universal value.

We appreciate our investors for sharing the risk and return based on empathy.
As our investors share the risk, we can satisfy financing needs that traditional financial institutions could not approach. This is to provide new value to the society.
Without realizing it, there is no meaning for us to exist.

Perhaps, in the past, empathy-driven mutual aid was the mainstream of the traditional financial system in Japan.
Although the paradigm shift of the financial system after the war must have been different in order to realize rapid economic growth, another paradigm shift to empathy-driven financing is now expected because of a more mature economy, technology advancement, and the vast amount of individual financial assets.
We want to play a central role in that paradigm shift.

Our profit is generated through providing new value to the society. We cannot grow our profit and grow as a business without providing greater value to the society.

We keep dedicating creative efforts to provide new value to enterprises, artists, and investors by thinking unconventionally.

Music Securities, Inc.
CEO Masami Komatsu